‘Sister, Sister,’ ‘Moesha’ and Other Classics Are Surprise Dropping on Netflix

Here's exactly when you can start your marathons.

“Sister, sister. Never knew how much I missed ya.” Get ready to have that theme song stuck in your head soon, along with many others. (“Mo to the E to the”…we could go on.) As announced on Wednesday, July 29th, Netflix will soon be adding seven classic Black sitcoms to its library: Sister, Sister, Moesha, Girlfriends, The Game, The Parkers, Half & Half, and One on One

The shows will roll out between August and October, giving you the opportunity to take your time and marathon each. Here is the schedule, which was shared by Netflix’s Strong Black Lead Twitter account:

  • Moesha—August 1st
  • The Game Seasons 1 through 3—August 15th
  • Sister Sister—September 1st 
  • Girlfriends—September 11th 
  • The Parkers—October 1st 
  • Half & Half—October 15th
  • One on One—October 15th

To announce the news, Netflix put together a video featuring a bunch of the shows’ stars, including Girlfriends’ Tracee Ellis Ross, Sister, Sister stars Tia and Tamera Mowry, and Moesha’s Shar Jackson. 

After sharing that the shows are heading to Netflix and noting how important they were as Black-led sitcoms, the actors reminisce about some of the most memorable moments from the series. 

Ross talks about “Joan surprising William in his new house” on Girlfriends. “I was dressed up as Spider-Man and I was hanging from his ceiling swinging,” she says. 

Jackson shares the moment on Moesha when “Niecy kissed Hakeem, which I don’t approve of, but it happened.”

Sister, Sister star Jackée Harry talks about “The time when Lisa had her own ‘Fashions by Lisa’ cart at the mall, where she thought she was Donna Summer.”

Fans will get to relive all of those storylines and more when the shows debut on Netflix. And the stars noted that their shows are joining the service thanks to fans who have been asking to stream the them for years. “Thanks to everyone who ever made a social media post or left a message asking about these shows,” says One on One’s Kelly Perine in the video. Moesha’s Sheryl Lee Ralph adds, “It didn’t go unnoticed.”

Get ready to sing it now: “My giiiiirlfriiiiiends. There through thick and thin.”  

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