The new Netflix & Chills category has everything to spook you silly leading up to Halloween

It may technically still be summer, but the streaming gods have spoken: Netflix just added a “Netflix & Chills” category, for which they’re rolling out a mix of old, new, and original horror shows and movies until Halloween. The spooky season is officially upon us. 

The seasonal Netflix category kicked off on September 13th with teen monster flick Head Count and French show Marianne, in which “a famous horror writer discovers that the evil spirit who plagues her dreams is now wreaking havoc in the real world.” Seems appropriately terrifying.

Netflix & Chills’ 28-title lineup will satisfy true horror fans with shows like American Horror Story: Apocalypse (September 24th) and movies like Sinister 2 (October 16th) and Scream 2. But if you’re more into the “creepy-cute” vibe, you can curl up with animated movies like The Last Kids on Earth (September 17th) before drifting off into a nightmare-free sleep.

Check out the full Netflix & Chills lineup trailer below:

We’re super excited for the high school-meets-zombie post-apocalyptic original TV show, Daybreak (October 24th). It doesn’t hurt that Ferris Bueller himself, Matthew Broderick, is in it. This feels like a definite binge in the week leading up to our favorite holiday.

You can also expect a slew of Netflix original horror movies, including In the Tall Grass (October 4th), an adaptation of the novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill. You can watch the trailer here, but we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re claustrophobic and/or cornfield-phobic.

Literary fans will also love We Have Always Lived in the Castle (September 14th), an adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s canonical gothic novel.

Personally, we’re terrified-slash-excited for In the Shadow of the Moon (September 27th), a Netflix original flick starring Michael C. Hall and Boyd Holbrook. “A Philadelphia detective slowly unravels as he nurses a lifelong obsession with an enigmatic female serial killer whose crimes defy expectation,” the Netflix summary says. Michael C. Hall + serial killers = a match made in the best kind of hell. 

Keep one eye open for other titles coming to Netflix in October, both Halloween-adjacent (Dark Crimes) and not (Schitt’s Creek Season 5). Also, heads up: Casper is leaving Netflix on October 1st, so you really have no excuse to not start your Halloween moviefest now. 

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