Netflix and chill fashion kit, illustrated


When you think “Netflix and chill,” you probably don’t think “fashion runway.” And neither do we. But you can definitely accessorize and get the most comfy clothes (and snacks) possible for time spent in front of your laptop and your fave show (or two, or three, or maybe twelve, who’s counting?).

Where to buy everything:

I’d Rather Be Watching Netflix Sweater, Etsy, $25

Sorry I Have Plans With Netflix T-shirt, Wanelo, $15.70

Stay Home pillow, Urban Outfitters, $39

Netflix and Alone Mug, Etsy, $13.50

Leave Me Alone socks, Yeah Bunny, $14

Baker glasses, Warby Parker, starting at $95

Frends headphones, Amazon, prices vary 

2-pack pajama shorts, H&M, $17.99

Mid-rise sweater joggers, Old Navy, $26.99

RSVP green teapot, Amazon, $15.95