Netflix just did something it’s never done before and canceled a show after one season

As with regular television, not every Netflix show can live forever. The thing about Netflix, though, is that it’s not “regular television.” The streaming juggernaut is releasing an absurd amount of content right now — between television and movies — and while mostly everything is pretty good, every now and then an original Netflix title falters. Though it’s never a fun thing to talk about where Netflix goes wrong, it’s just happened: Netflix has canceled a TV show.

TBH, we never hear the words “Netflix”and “canceled” together because it’s just unheard of. BUT, it has happened before.

Both Marco Polo and Lilyhammer went quietly into the television night after two seasons. On Friday, Bloodline will kick off its third and final season after Netflix pulled the plug on it early. Both these shows at least had room to grow and find an audience, but not The Get Down. Netflix has canceled the show after only 11 episodes — a first for the streaming site.

According to Deadline, who first broke the news, money was the biggest factor in the decision not to continue the show. Ratings could be a factor, too, but Netflix doesn’t actually release ratings, so no one knows how many people actually watched The Get Down. Maybe billions did; maybe like, 20 did.

Ratings aside, The Get Down was ridiculously expensive, and the first season of the show cost in the ballpark of $120 million. For comparison, one episode of Game of Thrones costs around $10 million.

While the series, created by Baz Luhrmann, was envisioned as having multiple seasons, it is now the first one-and-done Netflix original drama. And not to like, bring this up again, but there’s another show that there that so far only has one season: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life still hasn’t been renewed for Season 2…

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