Netflix has canceled another show after one season, but at least this one wrapped up its story

When Netflix first began producing original content, it quickly developed a reputation for letting every series run for at least a few seasons. But over the past few years, the streaming platform has changed it’s tune, ruthlessly giving the axe to a number of new series.

While shows like Everything Sucks!Girlboss, and Gypsy were all canceled before writers had a chance to bring their stories to a conclusion, the latest show to get canceled was at least able to wrap up its arc.

Yesterday, Netflix announced that anthology series Seven Seconds would not be returning for Season 2.

The series, which starred Regina King, explored racial tensions in Jersey City following a hit-and-run involving a white police officer and an African American teenager — who is severely injured in the incident — and the ensuing police cover-up. In Seven Seconds, King played the mother of the critically injured teen, while Russell Hornsby played his father.

Clare-Hope Ashitey, Raúl Castillo, Zackary Momoh, Michael Mosley, Nadia Alexander, Beau Knapp, and David Lyons also starred in the drama.

While in February, Bert Salke, president of Fox 21 Television Studios, which produced the series, told The Hollywood Reporter that he hoped the anthology series could run four or five seasons on the streaming platform, Netflix released a statement confirming the show’s single-season run.

"We loved working with [series creator] Veena Sud, Regina King and the cast and crew of Seven Seconds," said VP of originals at NetflixCindy Holland. "Together they created a compelling, timely and relevant crime drama. The first season is a complete, stand-alone story that we are proud to feature on Netflix for years to come."

While Netflix doesn’t release viewer data, the series was released to mixed reviews when it was released onto the streaming platform in late February.

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