Rejoice: Netflix is bringing you new, original episodes of your favorite scary show

If you followed the news about interesting TV last year, you’ll know that one show stood out more than any other: Black Mirror, the British mini-series whose bleak vision of the techno-dominated future mirrored (pun intended) the real-world wonkiness at the intersection of humanity and technology. With episodes tackling everything from “too real” reality TV to, uh, bringing people back from the dead, Black Mirror was The Twilight Zone for the new generation, if The Twilight Zone lived in the world of smartphones and drones.

However, despite a critically acclaimed two seasons and Christmas special, the show’s yet to find a major network to take it on, leading people to wonder if a third season would ever get made. Well, we have an answer — none other than your BFF Netflix is producing Black Mirror’s third season, which means that you’ll be bingeing through the series soon enough.

Though it was actually DirecTV which first brought Black Mirror to the US from its UK origins, it took until the show arrived on Netflix for it to really hit the pop culture zeitgeist, and paved the way for the success of hacker drama Mr. Robot. We can’t wait to see what the show tackles next: Can they do time travel? Space travel? The lives of the many diverse women inside prison? (Wait.) Whatever the case, Netflix and Black Mirror is a match made in TV heaven; fingers crossed this beautiful partnership continues on.

Let’s talk about Black Mirror’s ‘White Christmas,’ shall we?

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