Netflix wants you to know which Black Mirror episode you’re stuck in, according to your zodiac sign

As much as we love bingeing Black Mirror, it’s safe to say we’d never want to be trapped in an episode—at least not most episodes. From a world dictated by an Uber-like rating system to killer video games to a nightmare dating app, Black Mirror has done quite a job making us wary about our increasingly technologically dependent society. However, in a new YouTube featurette, Netflix is telling us (or warning us?) which Black Mirror scenarios are written in our stars.

In the video, the streaming platform reveals which Black Mirror episode fans would be trapped in according to their zodiac sign (using the personality traits indicative of each sign as a deciding factor). Unfortunately, they can’t all be “San Junipero.”

The nearly 10-minute video walks viewers through each of the 12 star signs, playing clips from the corresponding Black Mirror episodes and highlighting the three zodiac traits that best reflect the episode. As a fun fact, Netflix also revealed which Black Mirror stars share the star sign and would presumably be trapped alongside us.

Check out the full video and then scroll down to find your Black Mirror zodiac reality below:


Episode: “Hang the DJ”
Corresponding traits: process-driven, critical thinker, ambitious


Episode: “Striking Vipers”
Corresponding traits: sexual, enigmatic, a bit destructive


Episode: “USS Callister”
Corresponding traits: adaptable, dual personalities, impulsive


Episode: “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too”
Corresponding traits: confident, assertive, high-achieving


Episode: “Arkangel”
Corresponding traits: focused, persistent, unforgiving


Episode: “Nosedive”
Corresponding traits: lively, impatient, proud


Episode: “San Junipero”
Corresponding traits: ethereal, elusive, romantic


Episode: “The Waldo Moment”
Corresponding traits: magnetic, inquisitive, idealistic


Episode: “Fifteen Million Merits”
Corresponding traits: loyal, stubborn, materialistic


Episode: “Black Museum”
Corresponding traits: progressive, temperamental, visionary


Episode: “White Christmas”
Corresponding traits: intellectual, diplomatic, seeks harmony


Episode: “Smithereens”
Corresponding traits: intuitive, empathetic, compassionate

So, maybe we’re a little jealous of the Pisces today, but what this has really done is make us want to go back to our favorite episodes and rewatch. Who knows, it could determine our real-life fates.

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