Netflix is making it easier for you to binge on the go

Netflix, the people who helped make binge-watching a national pastime are now making it easier than ever to binge from anywhere and everywhere.

Because sometimes you don’t want to just Netflix and chill just on the boring couch. Sometimes you want to Netflix on your phone or tablet wherever you want. Like while sitting on a windowsill (Netflix and sill?) or while on a roller coaster (Netflix and thrill?) or while eating a specific type of flatfish (Netflix and brill?).

Well, the latest update to the Netflix app will make it easier than ever to binge-watch by automatically playing the next episode in a series. Many Netflix platforms already do this, so the concept of autoplaying the next episode in a series is nothing crazy. But, this new update just allows you to enjoy one show after another on the go with minimal effort.

So, even if you’re watching with your hands full of crustaceans (Netflix and krill?) or while grinding grain into flour (Netflix and mill?) or you’ve got ink all over your hands because you’re writing an old-timey letter to someone (Netflix and quill?), you can rest assured your favorite programs will steadily play on.

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