Netflix knows *exactly* what you should watch next after a big television binge — a movie

You’ve been there before, and you know you’ll be there again: You’ve just finished an epic binge — whether it be one season of a TV show…or six — and now you’re trying to figure out what you should watch next on Netfix.

Considering there are more shows to watch than there are hours of the day, picking your next great binge can be hard, which is why you should always take your time in deciding. Take a breath, take a step back, and maybe do a little binge-cleanse. Actually, that’s what many of us do once we’ve finished a TV show. We don’t jump right into another show — instead, many of us watch a movie.

In a brand new survey from Netflix, they discovered that roughly 30 million of their subscribers around the world finish a TV show, and instead of starting a new show immediately, switch things up and watch a movie.

“In our ongoing effort to make great programming decisions for our members we found movies play a unique role in their evolving binge watching routines, Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix explained in a press release. “It’s interesting to see a third of our members adopt this pattern and the movies those 30 million go on to pair with series, but what I find most compelling is how consistently our members expand the role movies play in their lives on Netflix.

The numbers break down to this: Following a binge, 59% usually wait three days before starting a new show. From there, a whopping 61% will watch a movie during that three day break “to keep the binge feeling alive,” and we like the sound of that.

Not only that, but Netflix has figured out our favorite ~binge pairings~. Like how great wine and delicious cheese go together, certain TV shows are just craving a movie counterpart for them. All of us who watched Gilmore Girls over Thanksgiving weekend were stalled in nostalgia, and turned to movies like Dirty Dancing and Sixteen Candles. There’s a trend in people finishing Breaking Bad and immediately watching Pulp Fiction, too.

So what are some great TV and movie binge pairings to watch now? Our friends over at Netflix were nice enough to draft up a perfect pairings chart for our viewing pleasure, based on some of our favorite Netflix originals. You’re going to want to jot this down:


Suddenly, our viewing habits make so much sense. When you finish something epic like Jessica Jones, you don’t necessarily want to switch over to Kimmy Schmidt, let alone something like House of Cards! When you’re feeling the vibe from a powerful, kickass lady (not that Kimmy and Claire are not powerful, kickass ladies) you want to keep that alive for as long as possible.

Netflix TV + Netflix Movies = PERFECTION.


Oh Netflix, always one step ahead of knowing EXACTLY what we want out of life (and television). Thanks for always looking out for us xoxo.

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