Netflix just created a giant Space Uterus, and yes, you read that right

Netflix — our best friend, life partner, favorite streaming site — knows when it wants to be extra, and goes to the extra extremes. Their latest original series, Big Mouth, hits our television sets and mobile devices today, and to celebrate, Netflix decided to create a giant crop circle…in the shape of a uterus.

Never change, Netflix.

Big Mouth is all about the best years in life, aka, puberty. JK, puberty sucks, and Big Mouth knows that. It also knows that kids love to draw dick pictures (and listen, some adults do, too), but why is no one drawing pictures of the female reproductive organ?? It’s about time that changed, and let Netflix be the one to do it.

Nick Kroll and Jessie Klein — two of the voices actors in Big Mouth — ventured off to Ventura, California to check out this giant uterus.

"A great woman named Oprah once said, there are only two emotions in the world: Love and fear." Klein explains. "Our world is definitely ruled more by fear of the female reproductive system than love for it. I think that's something we're going to change today."

Kroll and Klein spend some time wandering around the giant crop circle (and with the help of an overhead droid, we can see their adventure. Because doesn’t everyone want a drone circling around their fallopian tube?). It was designed by Stan Herd, a crop artist with over 40 years of experience in the industry, and who has worked with the likes of Minneapolis Institute of Art…and now Netflix.

And in case you didn’t know, as Kroll points out, “next to every space uterus is an ad for a TV show.”

Watch Big Mouth on Netflix. It’s streaming right now.

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