Netflix announced some amazing news about “Dear White People,” and we are freaking out

It’s time to celebrate, Dear White People fans! Netflix has renewed Dear White People for Season 2. This news comes just two months after Season 1 of the series — based on Justin Simien’s 2014 movie — premiered. And not only is it great that we get another season of this entertaining series about racial identity, but in our current social climate, a show as smart, funny, and culturally-relevant as Dear White People is desperately needed.

Back in the day, a Netflix show getting renewed was pretty much guaranteed, but things have changed in 2017 with The Get Down and Girlboss being canceled and not receiving second seasons.

So it’s with relief that we can report that’s not the case for Dear White People.

And if you’re wondering what Season 2 will be about, creator Simien already has some ideas. He told Entertainment Weekly in May(before the renewal announcement), “Well, I’ll say that the Trump era has inspired a lot in terms of what I’d like to discuss in the second season.”

Of course, Season 2 will continue to follow Troy, who [spoiler!] was arrested at the end of Season 1, and Simien said they’ll do a “deeper dive” on Joelle, since “she’s such a popular character and she also kind of represents all of us.” (And you know, is just generally awesome.)

But going back to Trump influencing Season 2, Simien said:

"I think the ramifications of the kind of failed attempt to protest what's going on at school — everyone being in the aftermath of that failed attempt — that's certainly a point of entry for me, because how many times have we rallied together to fight something and we're still in the same place we were yesterday? How do you keep on going after you've gone to the women's march and this dude is still in office? That pervasive feeling of, what is it all for, is certainly one that I think the characters are going to be dealing with in Season 2."

So not only will Season 2 advance the stories of your favorite characters, it will be essential viewing for anyone who feels alienated, divided, disrespected, or — worse — threatened by the current administration. No release date has been announced yet, so you’ll most likely have to wait until 2018, but Dear White People will be worth it.