Netflix is the key to a happy relationship, according to research

If you want an excuse to sit in and binge-watch Netflix with the love if your life, here’s one that’s backed by actual, real research: It could be the key to a successful long-term relationship.

Netflix recently surveyed 1,008 users of the streaming service from ages 18 to 29 about watching shows in a relationship, and they illustrated their findings in a lovely heart-filled graphic. The survey found something all of us knew to be true: Staying in and watching Netflix together is one of the best ways to spend date night. At least, that’s what 72% of respondents thought. Over half of couples surveyed also felt that they truly bonded with their S.O. over Netflix, because everyone knows that House of Cards marathons are the real secret to true love.


In fact, many feel as though shows are incredibly important in their love life. A quarter of respondents get “show goggles,” meaning they find potential love interests more attractive depending on what shows they watch (hey, arguably, your personal TV tastes say a lot about you!). Over half of respondents even claimed that they put shows on their online dating profiles to attract people who liked the same shows they do.

But be aware that giving out your Netflix password is a real sign of commitment to many — 51% claimed that it means the relationships is serious, and 17% refuse to share their password until they’re engaged, because Netflix accounts are important, guys. But the key to a truly happy relationship, according to Netflix’s survey, is to compromise; 65% of couples negotiate and take turns over which show to watch.

So, pretty much, Netflix = relationship goals. Now go binge-watch Jane the Virgin, you lovebirds.

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