Somebody finally invented a ‘Netflix and chill’ button, so there’s that

It seems like overnight, “Netflix and chill” took over the Internet. The Tinder pickup line is everywhere, and now even Netflix themselves have taken note. Over the weekend they introduced a button designed to get your “Netflix and chill” date underway with just one push.

The Switch” was introduced at the World Maker Faire, and it’s amazing. It’s a button set in a wooden block — all the better for dramatically pushing it and getting the night going. Not only does it get Netflix ready to stream — it also sets your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode and dims the lights. It’ll even order food! All with just one button, leaving you with plenty of time to … chill.

The sad news is that it’s not going to become standard with your Netflix subscription — but the company did release instructions and an equipment list so that the more electrically inclined among us can create their own.

We’ll be dimming the lights the old fashioned way for now, but hey, if you’re a DIY-style engineer, maybe this is right up your alley!

Oh, Netflix, how do you keep getting better and better?

(Image via Netflix)


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