In case you’re wondering, here’s a list of all 76,000 different Netflix categories

Netflix holds many mysteries, but some were revealed to us today in a Netflix category hack that took place, revealing to us alllll of the categories the popular streaming site uses to group its movie and television options. We’ve long wondered about the strange witchcraft that sorts all of the things we can binge watch, and how categories like “Quirky Foreign Films Featuring a Strong Female Lead and her Two Dogs” (not a real category) get chosen for our individual accounts…and while we’re STILL not entirely sure of the alchemy involved, this hack DID reveal to us all of the possible categories on Netflix.

What will we do with this information? We have literally no idea but scrolling through the list of 76,000 different categories is a GREAT way to spend your afternoon.

The categories range from basic things like “Spy Thrillers” and “British TV Shows” to things like “African-American Independent Crime Dramas.” As a category, African American Independent Crime Dramas sounds totally DOPE but also, like, was there not a way to shorten this, Netflix? “Critically Acclaimed French Language Romantic Dramas” is another one that’s like…yo. We will absolutely forget what we’re looking for by the time we reach the end of the category title.

Jokes aside, here’s the actually useful part of this hack: if you go to the list of categories featured here, you can CLICK ON THE CATEGORIES, and your browser will take you to that category on your Netflix account, long as you’re logged in.

Since Netflix curates what it shows you fairly heavily, it’s easy for things you might love fall between the cracks, but NO MORE. Now, if you think you’d love Gritty Independent Action & Adventure from the 1970s, everything that falls into that category (which must be like…two things) is only a click away.


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