News flash: Nestle chocolate is changing, but for the better!

Folks, Nestle is getting a makeover. But don’t worry—this isn’t another Cadbury scandal all over again. (RIP, original Creme Eggs.)

Nope, this change is for the better! Nestle claims it’s getting rid of all artificial ingredients, like food dyes and flavors. This is a big deal for candy-lovers, and for the industry as a whole. Snacks are basically getting brand new ingredients. For example, according to, that orange color inside of a Butterfinger bar is created by food dyes like Red 40 and Yellow 5, but now, Nestle will be using annatto seeds to give it its lovely golden hue. And Nestle Crunch was apparently using a flavoring called “vanillin.” Now it’s swapping that out for vanilla. (Seriously, vanillin was a thing?)

Sweet Tarts and Nerds are next in line for an ingredient overhaul, but it’s unclear just how they’ll make a fluorescent candy au natural.

All told, Nestle is planning to, shall we say, “purify” 250 different products. Granted, their snacks will still have a ton of sugar and other ingredients that aren’t awesome for our bodies, because, that’s CANDY for you.

OK, next questions: Will this change make our candy cravings cost more—or, god forbid, taste differently? Thankfully, no on both counts, according to Doreen Ida, president of Nestle USA Confections & Snacks. “We know that candy consumers are interested in broader food trends around fewer artificial ingredients,” Ida said in a statement to press this morning. “As we though about what this means for our candy brands, our first step has been to remove artificial flavors and colors without affecting taste or increasing the price.”

The products will be available for purchase on shelves by the middle of the year—and you’ll be able to tell they’re revamped with a label that says “No Artificial Flavors Or Colors.”

Obviously, Nestle chocolate won’t be transforming into a health food by any means, but hey—we can get behind simpler ingredients that we can actually pronounce.

Photo by dnguy3n