Nestlé is changing its chocolate in a huge way. Here’s how.

Prepare for a New World Order, friends. Nestlé just announced that it’s changing its chocolate to reduce sugar content by a staggering 40% — but, says the company, your tastebuds won’t even notice the difference.

The company employed a team of food scientists who have discovered a way to restructure sugar so that it tastes the same but dissolves more quickly in your mouth — meaning you consume less sugar but your brain perceives the same level of sweetness. (And if you thought Nestlé employees spent their days thinking up new ways to make Kit Kats taste better — impossible, go home, your work day is over — you’d be mistaken!)

Here’s how The New York Times describes the change, according to Nestlé’s chief technology officer, Dr. Stefan Catsicas:

"Dr. Catsicas compared a normal crystal of sugar to a shoe box, where the box is made of sugar and everything inside it is also made of sugar. The new sugar, he said, will be processed to have the same sugar exterior — though it may be a globe instead of a box — to dissolve in the mouth. Because less sugar is inside, less goes to the stomach."

Food scientists have made incredible claims and discoveries in the past, but they haven’t always panned out. Take Olestra, for instance, perhaps the most infamous of them all. Olestra was a fat substitute that promised dieters the same great taste without the calories, and was approved by the FDA in the 1990s. It used in Wow! chips — deliciously fat-free! — but they were quickly pulled from shelves after customers noted painful stomach aches and “loose stools.” (UGH!) So you’ll forgive us for withholding judgment on Nestlé’s new sugar until we know more…

The company says it plans to introduce the new sugar formula to products beginning in 2018; until then it’s ironing out the kinks and securing patents. We’re hoping for the best!