Nestlé has a pretty big announcement for us

Way to go, Nestlé! The major food company is taking a huge step to better its products —something we should all be excited about.

Nestlé, the world’s largest food company and creator of some of our favorite sweets and snacks, recently announced that it will begin to use cage-free eggs in all of its United States-based food items over the next five years or so. Cage-free eggs implies that the hens who lay the eggs will have been raised in more humane conditions than hens who are raised in cages or other small, restricted areas.

According to Nestlé’s website, the company uses around 20 million pounds of eggs a year in order to make their many food products (like Cheerios and Dreyer’s ice-cream). Paul Grimwood, Nestle’s CEO and Chairman made a statement, saying:

Nestlé has made small strides toward their commitment to animal welfare and farming practices over recent years. Besides committing to using cage-free eggs, Nestlé works with World Animal Protection to further promote the importance of treating animals properly.

And Nestlé isn’t alone. There are quite a few big food brands who have announced their plans to use cage-free eggs over the next few years. McDonald’s and Jack-in-the-Box have committed to going cage-free by 2025, Taco Bell by 2017, Panera by 2020, and Kellogg’s and General Mills by 2025.

We love seeing these huge changes in our food. To a healthy and happier future!

Image via Shutterstock