Nerds Vs. Hipster Nerds In “Zero Charisma”

The bottom of the great nerd divide has finally been unearthed.  Are you a nerd with no escape or a nerd by choice? Previously, we measured nerd cred based on comparative gaps of knowledge, social prowess, physical appearance and mental capacity.  But, as we all know, pop culture has become obsessed with geek culture.  And our unshakable fandom has turned our idols into icons.  Nerds have become accepted… kind of.

Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Industries announced at San Diego Comic-Con that they’d be co-releasing, Zero Charisma, together with Tribeca Film.  Critically acclaimed at this year’s South By Southwest, it’s also the directorial debut of Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews (awesome people who were driving forces behind Best Worst Movie – The Troll 2 Documentary.)

THE TIME HAS COME!  THE MOVIE IS HERE!!  We should support nerdy independent filmmakers!!

Zero Charisma looks into the life of a nerd named Scott (Sam Eidson). Scott got dealt a pretty rough hand in life, however, his pain and frustration with being an outcast is both of circumstance and choice.  With no people skills, Scott’s only outlet is his fantasy tabletop role-playing group — in which he’s the “dungeon master”.  When Scott runs his game, we really see his creativity shine.  Eidson’s performance in these small moments are beautifully mastered. giving us a glimpse into the positive side of Scott’s passion.   But, with anger issues like The Hulk, Scott manages to smash everything in life and challenges us to accept his self-serving, socially intolerant behavior.

Adding fuel to Scott’s fire is new player, Miles (Garrett Graham). This highly charismatic, hipster-nerd wins over Scott’s friends, which quickly sends red flags to Scott.  In Scott’s eyes at least, Miles doesn’t seem like a real nerd.  Miles just likes what he likes and does what he wants.  He illustrates comic books and writes for a high profile geek culture website.  For Miles, being a nerd is awesome.  He’s a “tastemaker”.  But Scott sees through Miles as egocentric and opportunistic.  It’s like death metal vs. indie rock. I can’t wait to see some amazing future cosplay for these guys:

I can’t divulge anymore because I REALLY want you to watch it – but I will say you’ll find yourself painfully struggling over who to root for.  The performances are top notch and all the women really stood out to me!  Well done to actresses Anne Gee Byrd, Cyndi Williams, and Katie Folger for weaving some serious dimension into this heart-wrenching story.

You can download today by checking the Nerdist website or find it available on VOD platforms, iTunes, Amazon and VUDU October 8, 2013.  If you prefer the big screen, there’s a limited theatrical run as well:

October 11 New York, NY Cinema Village
October 18 Chicago, IL Facets Cinematheque
October 18 San Francisco, CA Roxie Theater
October 18 Phoenix, AZ Film Bar
October 18 San Jose, CA Camera 2
October 25 Portland, OR Hollywood Theatre
October 25 Houston, TX Alamo Drafthouse, Vintage Park
October 25 Santa Fe, NM Jean Cocteau Cinema

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Featured Images:  Nerdist Industries

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