Neptune Retrograde is happening — here’s what it means for you

Hold onto your hats, fam, because Neptune is going into retrograde in Pisces on June 18th and will remain there until November 24th. During this period, you’ll experience the crumbling of your old illusions and a soft, yet much-needed, reality check. Over the next five months, our lives are going to shift in really powerful ways, especially in areas concerning inspiration, spirituality, and universal oneness. Prepare to get enlightened, bbs.

To get a better perspective on what Neptune in retrograde means and how it will affect you, let’s take a look at what Neptune represents.

Neptune is God of the Sea, and its home zodiac sign is — you guessed it — Pisces. So the planet is coming home, in a way. The retrograde trajectory plays around with that a little, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Much like Pisces, Neptune rules inspiration, spirituality, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion. Subtlety is huge on Neptune, meaning not everything is loud and clear. The signs and hints of intuition you receive from this planet won’t be obvious, which means you have to let yourself trust your inner voice to recognize the opportunities and choices in front of you.

This “dreamy” planet is tricky, though, because it also represents illusions and confusion, meaning it’s easy to believe in what you want to see as opposed to what’s actually real. When it’s direct, Neptune is the planet that helps you make excuses for certain things you want to hold onto — maybe a bad relationship or job, for example — because its influence makes it easier for us to ignore red flags rather than deal with them.

However, when Neptune goes backwards in retrograde, it’s time to face the music. Neptune illuminates the dark truths about ourselves and our lives that we’ve held onto for far too long. It might be a painful reality to face, but it’s a necessary one. Listen to your gut and go forth, no matter how scary it might seem. Because the scarier it is, the more necessary it is to face it.

Getting that wake-up call, no matter how vital it is, is no easy feat. Ignoring painful truths usually becomes a habit that’s so ingrained in us that the reality of letting go of something, or someone, can cause us to question everything we thought was real.

Unsurprisingly, Neptune Retrograde is the ideal time for spiritual self-development. Now’s the chance to dig deep to discover what truths you believe in. Who or what do you go toward when you need to find your center? To help alleviate discomfort and confusion, turning to spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, or journaling, could be immensely healing during this time.

The good news is, unlike Mercury Retrograde’s short-but-deadly phase in which everything is felt so intensely, Neptune’s Retrograde is a lot longer, which means the reality checks you’ll be dealing with will be slowly drawn out and revealed. You will definitely be in it, but it won’t be so jarring.

Neptune’s retrograde phase might be the time for us to shed those rose-colored glasses, but in its place, we will be able to connect with a much clearer and real-er existence. Remember: you gotta feel it to heal it. We got this.

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