Neptune retrograde is happening next week—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

From June 23rd to November 28th, dreamy and elusive Neptune will be retrograde in tender Pisces. During this time, psychic perception, emotional sensitivities, and dreams will become more vivid to all of us. The caveat is that you may question your intuition and second-guess your hunches. Be prepared to swim in the deep end of the ocean for the next six months and let your heart navigate you through the murky waters ahead.  

Here’s your Neptune retrograde horoscope below. Make sure to check out your rising sign as well.


Your intuition has been strong, but you’re starting to second-guess yourself during the next six months. Stay true to your inner feelings and trust your gut—even though it may be challenging. Only your instincts can lead you towards the truth.  


Friendships will be more confusing than ever, as you may feel as though your crew isn’t listening to you. Try to speak to them directly in order for them to understand your concerns and feelings. Don’t shy away from opening up now.  


Your career dreams are cloudier than ever, and you’re unsure what next steps to take to elevate your professional dreams. Try vision-boarding your goals with your friends for fun and to gain clarity.


You’re returning to your old philosophies that you learned in your youth. However, you can find structure in such sentiments if you let yourself embrace old views by mixing them with new beliefs. Find a balance of ideology that works for you and you alone.


It’s easy for you to create boundaries, but it’s hard for you to stick with them. Before you reverse the structure you have spent so much time implementing within relationships, find time to reprogram your heart and mind by learning when to say yes and when to say no.


An ex will slowly resurface over the next six months. While it may be tempting to open the door to yesteryear, you’ll hesitate because you don’t want to focus on the good old days. Live in the present, not in the past—or move on.  


You’re overworked and over-exhausted, which means that it’s time to take a mini-break from your job and daily vibe. Incorporate healing and rejuvenating baths into your routine. Also, don’t be afraid to sleep in now and again. Hitting the snooze button can be therapeutic.  


Love is on your mind, but it may be hard to find someone worth committing to. This doesn’t mean that you’re destined to be single for the upcoming months ahead; you just have to look harder and put more effort into finding your person.  


Finding your vibe and group is proving to be harder than you thought. However, if you change your attitude and belief system, then you can totally find people who you jive well with and places you can see yourself living in for the long haul.  


Time to face the truth: You’re listening to others, but you’re not exactly hearing them. Tuning out the deets of matters and conversations will prove catastrophic if you do not learn to pay attention to what others are saying. Listen up, then make your decisions.  


It’s time for you to get a handle on your finances, Aquarius. Although committing to a financial plan is seemingly hard at the moment, you will have to make it work in order to have savings for a rainy day handy in your bank account.  


Don’t underestimate the power of projection. Unfortunately, others are only seeing what they want to see in you now (and vice versa). Therefore, it’s time to put on an enchanting show and wear your rose-colored glasses to give off a positive image and vibe.

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