Neptune Retrograde is coming to an end, so prepare to give in to your dreams and fantasies

We can probably agree that 2018 was the year of retrogrades. It’s been a journey, friends, am I right? Well, this week, we can finally cross another one off our list: Neptune. The planet that rules inspiration, spirituality, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion—all the deep things—went retrograde back in June and finally goes direct on November 24th. In a nutshell, it’s been five months of getting clarity. Whether it was seeing the truth of a situation or relationship that no longer served us, illuminating our shadow side, or developing a spiritual self, we got woke. So now that Neptune Retrograde is over, what we can expect? Think delicious dreaminess.

That’s right. We’re about to give into our fantasies and start seeing a more pleasurable, not-quite-real-but-real-enough reality. While Neptune Retrograde broke our rose-colored glasses and demanded we take action to make things right, Neptune direct says it’s okay to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid for a while. If there are certain issues we don’t want to deal with right now, that’s okay. We can put those on the back burner (for now) as we sit back and enjoy life.

We’re in a more forgiving and compassionate mood. We understand that life and people, including ourselves, aren’t perfect, so we’re willing to give a (temporary) free pass. Neptune direct means we’re leaning on our faith to help us get through the good and bad times, and we’re okay with things not being clear at the moment because we believe it’ll turn out in the long run.

Neptune direct also stimulates our imagination and creativity. We’re not taking life, projects, or each other quite so literally or seriously anymore. We’re tapping into a more light-hearted and expansive side of ourselves, which could result in returning to forgotten works of art, or seeking out new hobbies, interests, and life experiences.

For some, Neptune going direct could trigger us to say what we’ve wanted to express over the last five months. Maybe you’ve come to some deep realizations about yourself or about a certain situation or relationship, and now that you’ve arrived at a more honest and real place, you want to relay that experience as part of your healing. If that’s what your soul is urging you to do, then heed its call. Neptune helps us to forgive ourselves and others as we look to build a more compassionate and hopeful world.

However, the downside of Neptune direct is the risk we face when we choose to escape from reality at all costs. While it feels good to feel good, allowing yourself to live in a fantasy world can be detrimental to your health, especially if you’re repeating patterns of toxic behavior or relationships. It’s important to keep in mind the lessons you’ve learned and the illusions you broke through during Neptune Retrograde, no matter how harsh they might’ve seemed at the time. When things get tough and you find yourself flailing, hold onto the spiritual and/or self-care practices that you cultivated over the last five months. Go to yoga class. Write in your journal. Meditate. Get back to your center of truth.

Loving and forgiving are wonderful gifts to offer to ourselves and to each other, bbs, but never at the risk of abandoning our sense of worth and value. As long as we remain woke, Neptune direct can help us to see the good in others and the world, which is a beautiful thing indeed.