Neptune Retrograde Is Happening. Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to reimagine your life.

Dreamy and elusive Neptune starts its retrograde journey in Pisces on June 25th. Until December 1st, you’ll be trying to align your inner sentiments with the vibe of the outside world. This may be hard and create uncertainty or confusion in your life, which is why it’ll be essential to keep your head above water by grounding yourself into reality.

Below is your Neptune retrograde horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


It’s okay to take a moment out of the spotlight to center yourself. To be honest, it’s the best choice for you to ensure that you’re able to access your intuition correctly before jumping to impulsive conclusions (which you are known to do often).


You are rediscovering the parts of yourself that haven’t been at the forefront of your mind and heart. Allow yourself time to bask in the joy of these sentiments. It’ll help you elevate your being and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Now is your chance, Taurus!


The work that you take on is changing now. Before you know it, you may even switch career paths and focus on what profession heals you (while you are helping others). Lean into the part of yourself that you are wanting to evolve. Embracing these sentiments will help your career.


Take on a project or class that you always wanted to invest your time into. With your creativity at an all-time high, you will find that it’s easy to engage with this undertaking on a soulful level. Odds are that you will keep at it for a long time moving forward.


Boundaries may be blurred—but mostly by you. Don’t overstep your role with friends and family members. Doing so will create major drama and issues, which is why it’s best to stay in your lane and focus on your needs. They can manage their issues, let them figure it out.


It’s time to recenter yourself in order to gain clarity in how to deal with issues when they arise. Once you take a break from all the frustrations in your life, it’ll be easy to reset your energy and vibe in order to take on matters with gusto going forward.


You’ve put a pin in completing all the mundane activities that have been on your list, as you’re exhausted from taking on more than you can chew. This is a time for you to unwind and rest. Stop working extremely hard and have some “you” time to decompress right now.


The drama in your love life won’t quit at all. Step back from the extreme highs and lows of the relationship to look at matters with a clear set of eyes and a clear-headed manner. Not being super emotionally invested will help you figure out the direction of the relationship.


Finding a place that you’re spiritually aligned with will be hard. However, if you take up a spiritual pursuit like yoga or meditation, it will be easy for you to find. It’ll also help you to find an alignment with the goals that you want to pursue in the future.


Gossip is circulating your orbit, which is why it’s best to keep your ears and mouth shut. You may accidentally add fuel to the fire or repeat something that perpetuates the rumor mill. Keep your guard up and don’t give into the drama. This will save you from future annoyances.


Your relationship with money is changing. In the past, you based your value upon your bank account. Now you are finding that there is more to life than how much cash you have available. The way you define your value is evolving into something greater than you ever have imagined.


Yes, you may be living in a beautiful daydream. But, there isn’t anything wrong with that. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the romantic sentiments within yourself. Allow yourself to connect with your raw emotions to create beautiful art. Even you will be impressed with what your talents create.