These badass neon tattoos will give your body a seriously edgy pop of color

This year has been absolutely loaded with unique tattoo inspiration, and our tattoo-obsessed souls are totally about it. While we dig blackwork tattoos, we have a special place in our hearts for cool, vivid color tattoos. These creative and colorful tattoos are seriously making us want to get inked. They’re like nothing we’ve ever come across before, and we spend a lot of time digging up tattoo trends to try and find something new to add to our body art. So if we’re pumped about these, that’s saying something!

Created by tattoo artist Eugene Nedelko, these neon tattoos are eye-catching AF. With 13k followers and hundreds of likes on every piece, we’re not the only ones fangirling over these pieces.

Seriously, how stunning are these neon tattoos? Every single one is so detailed, and so creative. We’ve never seen anything quite like these!

These rounded pieces are incredibly distinct, and definitely qualify as works of art.

But it doesn’t end there!

These more abstract neon tattoos are truly epic.

If you’re ever craving a pop of color, be sure to give these neon tattoos a try!

BRB, time to go plan our next tattoo!

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