Neon accent nails are the coolest (and most surprisingly wearable) summer nail art trend

We probably don’t need to tell you that neon is having a major moment lately. In fact, we bet if you open Instagram right now, you’d see everything from makeup to clothing in neon-bright pops of color. Don’t exactly consider yourself the neon type? That doesn’t have to stop you from taking part in this trend. When it comes to neon accent nails, our favorite manicure du jour, the options are seriously endless. Best of all? You can go as bold (lime green leopard, anyone?) or as subtle (negative space will never go out of style, in our eyes) as you want.

Neon accent nails are so versatile because no matter how minor the accent your manicure neon may be, you know it’s bound to make a big impact. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the coolest neon nails on Instagram.

How cool is this glow-in-the-dark take on French tips?

Neon and leopard are the natural combo we never knew we needed.

Barely there neon, if you’re more into subtlety.

Can’t pick just one shade?

How chic is this nude and neon combo?

Seriously electric.

This art deco design belongs in a museum.

We’re obsessed with this graphic rendition.

We feel like Rihanna would wear these.

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