This pore mousse that literally sucks dirt out of your skin sold out in 4 hours—but it’s back in stock

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In case you’re not familiar with TikTok, the app has become so much more than just a Gen Z platform. It’s now an outlet for people of all ages to share dance challenges, pranks, beauty hacks, adorable pet videos, and even glimpses into family life during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The newest beauty trick that’s captured the attention of its users is the Neogen Pore Mousse, a foam that acts like a vacuum to suck out dirt and debris from your skin. Ryan Sullivan, co-founder of The Beauty Spy, made an oddly satisfying TikTok video—that has since gone viral—about the product, which he discovered while traveling in Asia.

“Wanna see something gross?” Sullivan begins his TikTok video. “You know all the 10 thousand pores you have in your face, those blackheads? Well, you wanna know a way to get them out? It’s called pore mousse and I found it on one of my latest trips to South Korea.”

Sullivan proceeds to show exactly how to use the facial peeling mouse. He puts the foam in his hand, rubs it into his face with his fingertips, rinses it off, and uses a washcloth to wipe the remaining dirt and gunk from his skin—and you can plainly see black specks all over the white towel. Sullivan’s skin is left visibly clear, smooth, and glowing, as if he had just treated himself to a professional treatment. Plus, his pores are a lot less noticeable.

The TikTok video gained so much popularity (3 million views, over 500,000 likes and thousands of comments) that it led to the Neogen Pore Mousse selling out in four hours on The Beauty Spy site.

But what makes this hardworking foam from Neogen *so* good? The mousse-type peeling formula boasts alginic acid, which is found in deep sea marine plants like red algae. Alginic acid helps to capture oil, impurities, blackheads, residue from makeup, and dead skin cells within the pores of the skin to cleanse, purify, and leave you with a glowing complexion. It also includes an ingredient from purple sea urchins to deliver anti-aging and tightening benefits to reduce sagging and promote firmer-looking skin.

Not a believer yet? Shoppers swear that the pore mousse is a bullet-proof solution to clearing out your blackheads at home, and practically makes it look like your skin has a “filter”.

One Instagram user with the handle @longhairdontclaire posted a review on the pore mousse that was shared on The Beauty Spy’s Instagram stories. She admitted that she saw the product on her TikTok FYP (“For You Page”), immediately snapped it up, and was blown away by the results. “Seriously looks like I just got a facial and it takes less than 2 minutes. Idk what WITCHCRAFT this is made with but this is now an essential!” she raved.

The Beauty Spy Neogen Pore Mousse


Another customer, Riley, who shared that she has finicky skin wrote “this product is no joke” on The Beauty Spy’s site. “One use and my skin is soft and clean. I have very sensitive skin so I was nervous to try out a new product but I am so happy I indulged.”

Lydia, a Beauty Spy shopper, also couldn’t believe the gunk that came out of her skin after using it. “I found this product on TikTok and I ordered right away. I wasn’t quite sure if I would see results right away but my skin is honestly glowing. I was shocked at how much debris was in my pores and on my skin.”

And at a cool price of $28, this affordable pore mousse even beats a trip to your facialist.

Not to mention, it offers a way to extract blackheads without all the painful poking and prodding. It’s *so* popular that it currently has a waitlist of over 26,000 customers. Dang.

Luckily, The Beauty Spy is giving Health readers an exclusive opportunity to shop the restock early, starting right now. But hurry and add it to your shopping cart, stat—the viral Neogen Pore Mousse sold out once before, and it’s bound to again. Grab it ASAP and be on your way to radiant skin just in time for summer.