Nelly has FINALLY explained why Kelly Rowland texts him via Excel in the “Dilemma” video

It’s a mystery that’s plagued popular culture for years: Why was Kelly Rowland texting Nelly on an Excel spreadsheet in the “Dilemma” video?

Well, now it seems that this mystery might (sort of) have an answer.

Released 14 years ago, Nelly and Kelly’s “Dilemma” is a seminal hip hop and R&B classic. It’s one of the greatest songs in modern history (so great, in fact, that Taylor Swift even performed it recently).

However, one moment from the song’s now iconic video has been the subject of much internet discussion and debate: Kelly Rowland’s “text” to Nelly.


As you can see, Kelly is clearly typing into a cell on an Excel spreadsheet. As most of us know, you definitely can’t text your bae on an Excel spreadsheet. Also, what was Excel doing on a phone in 2002?!

Well, Nelly has *finally* addressed the spreadsheet shaped elephant in the “Dilemma” video.

Speaking about the song in an episode of The Project, the rapper was aware that people were kinda confused by Kelly’s actions.

"That was the thing at the time," Nelly explained That was the new technology at the time. "It looks a little dated now, I can see that."

Hmm…We’re not sure that Nelly 100% got what was being asked. While the scene does look a little dated, it was 14 years ago so, obviously, technology is going to have advanced since then. However, things haven’t progressed so much that you can type “WHERE YOU AT?” into Excel and get a response. Indeed, we wonder whether, perhaps, Nelly an Kelly have their own special form of Excel that allows them to communicate together. It would explain A LOT…

We guess the mystery of how (and why) Kelly Rowland text Nelly in an Excel spreadsheet in the “Dilemma” video lives on…

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