This Neko Atsume latte foam art is absolute purrfection

The adorable “cat collecting” mobile game Neko Astume has captured our phones, our hearts, and now, our coffee cups — thanks to one amazing artist in Japan. Nowtoo Sugi‘s medium is coffee foam and the latest subjects are all the different Neko Atsume kitties!

Over 13,000 people are following the colorful, inventive, and let’s be honest, adorable, works of art on Nowtoo’s Instagram account. Although Nowtoo made lots of intricate foam art themed around Disney movies, Peanuts characters, and even Star Wars, our fave felines are especially cute in coffee cups.

Like this lil cutie having a ball:

Or this kitty having a lovely stretch:

And this flower petal-loving feline who looks like she belongs at Coachella:

Nowtoo also does special cats, like the elusive Guy Furry (it miiight have just occurred to us that his name is a reference to the Food Network star Guy Fieri):

And, because we’re talking about lattes here, of course Sassy Fran — the waitress cat — had to be included:

Lastlly, we can’t forget about Tubbs. We can only assume he’s three-dimensional because he’s so big that he can’t fit in the cup otherwise:

Honestly, these Neko Atsume foam art cats are *almost* too cute to drink.

Cats and coffee are a beautiful union indeed.