Neil Patrick Harris and his family’s throwback Halloween costumes will make you say, “Awww!”

After basically an entire month of waiting, Halloween is finally here. And so are celebrity Halloween costumes. One of the celebs we always look forward to seeing is Neil Patrick Harris in his family Halloween costume. Along with his husband David Burtka, his daughter Harper, and his son Gideon, NPH knows how to kill it on Halloween. Neil and his family have dressed up as Star Wars Jedis, Batman characters, and Alice and Wonderland. This year, Neil, David and their kids rocked some totally fabulous throwback costumes, and we love it.

Neil and his family dressed up as throwback stars, and we are totally smitten.

Neil is famous comedian Groucho Marx. David is silent movie star Charlie Chaplin. Harper slays as Marilyn Monroe, and Gideon looks fabulous as James Dean. We love that these cuties also chose to photograph their costume in an old movie theater, because it perfectly fits the scene.

This is clearly going to be the cutest Halloween ever.