Neil Patrick Harris’ husband and kids gave him the spookiest Christmas gift ever

Neil Patrick Harris spent Christmas with his husband David Burtka and 5-year-old twins Harper and Gideon. And the three of them gave Harris a gift that gives Halloween a run for its money. Seriously. . . it’s pretty creepy, but in the most adorable way.

The twins had their photographs taken, and someone magically (I’m assuming it’s magic) turned the photos into old-timey skeleton holograms. They look like they’re straight out of the Haunted Mansion.

So not only do NPH and his family always win Halloween with their elaborately perfect costumes, but now they’re winning Christmas too. . . with the help of Halloween.

But can you imagine what it’ll be like for NPH (or anyone in the family for that matter) to get up in the middle of the night to pee, and then accidentally see the nightmare-inducing ghost pictures hanging on the wall in the dark? Legit creepy.

“Two of my top three gifts today. My children + Haunted Mansion = squee!” Harris captioned a video of himself showing off his gifts. He threw in a maniacal laugh at the end of the video, because of course.

The Harris-Burtka family is preeeetty good at this whole Christmas thing. NPH gifted his husband with this impressive cuckoo clock:

And, you know, these surly, talking parrots.

Oh, and this robot, who seems to be defeating NPH.

Yup. This family wins.

(Featured image via Instagram)

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