Neil Patrick Harris’s family dressed up as “American Horror Story: Freak Show” for Halloween

Every photo Neil Patrick Harris’s family takes looks like it should be the default one that comes with a picture frame. They’re that photogenic, that charming, and that cute. Every year, the Harris-Burtka crew arguably wears the best Halloween costumes of any celeb family, and they just outdid themselves for Halloween 2017.

This year, Harris’s family dressed up as American Horror Story: Freak Show, and it’s a must-see.

“Trick or freak,” husband David Burtka wrote on Instagram, “Plus outtakes.” Fair warning: If you’re afraid of circus performers, even pint-size ones, scroll quickly!

Talk about commitment! Everything about these costumes is great. The Harris-Burtka gang never does anything halfway, and this includes their annual Halloween photoshoot. It’s a full-blown spectacle.

The highlight has to be daughter Harper as the bearded lady.

Her pose is downright fire. Crop everyone else out of the photo, and little Harper is basically a renaissance painting on her own.

To be fair, though, they’re all really good. Harris — who appeared on Freak Show — looks totally creepy with his contacts. Son Gideon is impossibly fierce as the strongman, and Burtka is mesmerizing in a way that would make even a circus lover feel uneasy.

Also, literally, where are they? It wouldn’t be a surprise to discover that Harris’s family has an old-timey Vaudeville setup in their house. If they brought one in just for the Halloween pictures, that would be even better.

However they make this happen every Halloween, we are grateful for it. Give Gideon and Harper all the king-sized candy bars this year.

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