Neil deGrasse Tyson just broke down the science of ‘Star Wars’ on Twitter

Lots of thoughts probably crossed your mind during Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you know like, how can I build my own BB-8 droid? Or who are Rey’s parents? And probably ALL the thoughts about Luke Skywalker. What you probably weren’t mulling over are the hard nuts and bolts of how that galaxy far, far away functions as an actual galaxy with flying spaceships, adorable droids, and a planet that can blow up other planets. That’s where Neil deGrasse Tyson steps in.

Like he’s done before with other space sagas, Tyson decided to weight in on what does, and does not, make sense during Force Awakens. He doesn’t, however, weigh in on that third act twist, but still SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, all like, seven of you.

As for whether or not we should take our new BFF BB-8 to the beach, Tyson says “pass.” A droid like that would have never been able to maneuver on the sand.

Starkiller Base? Doesn’t make sense. Sucking all the energy from the sun into your planet’s core would cause your planet to vaporize, and then you wouldn’t be able to shoot at other planets. However, ignoring that, Starkiller Base really should have destroyed the entire galaxy, because it could. (Don’t give the First Order any ideas!! They’re probably going to build another one, just like the Empire!)

According to Tyson, broccoli plays a larger role in the movie than we realized.

Also Han has to stop boasting about the Kessel Run because he’s using all the wrong words to brag about the Millennium Falcon (the movie does poke fun at itself over this, though. They know.).

He also answers the question on everyone’s mind: who’s cuter??

While these weren’t exactly the questions we were asking, or the answers we were looking for, it’s good to know how a little bit of the science behind Star Wars. But now. Back to obsessing over everything else about the movie.

Image via Lucasfilm

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