Neil deGrasse Tyson gave Beyoncé’s twins some cosmically cool names

Our favorite hip astrophysicist just dropped some more knowledge on us, and as usual, this is something we really need to hear. On Tuesday, Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted names for Beyoncé’s twins, and needless to say, his suggestions were cosmically cool.

While the rest of the world is collectively focused on whether Beyoncé secretly revealed the twins gender and frantically trying to calculate the due date for Blue Ivy’s soon-to-be siblings (the general consensus being sometime this summer), Tyson skipped the speculation and opted to lend Bey a helping hand with some space-themed baby name ideas. Typically, we don’t condone thievery, but expectant parents should consider stealing these names — that is, if the “Lemonade” singer doesn’t decide to use them.

And she should because the twins can’t possibly lose with names that are inspired by the cosmos and created in the mind of a famed scientist.

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"Naming ideas for @Beyonce's twins, inspired by the universe…" Tyson wrote on Twitter.

Then he opened the floodgates of his genius mind and offered up a string of names for Queen Bey to bestow upon her wee ones, using the hashtag #NamesForBeyonceTwins.

Here are just a few of our faves (plus a couple that made us LOL):

Terra and Luna

Zenith and Nadir

Spirit and Opportunity

Crescent and Gibbous

And finally, the most nerd-tastic of them all, Aster and Roid.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing out on the party, Tyson added this gem earlier today, and we’re kind of feelin’ it:

Sweet! If Bey actually goes for any of these names, it would only be fair if she invites Tyson onstage at one of her concerts to perform his hilarious “Pi Day” rap.