This “negative space” eyebrow makeup will make you do a double take

There’s a new eyebrow look in town, and it’s called the “negative space brows.” Here’s the thing — while we’re definitely on board with the concept of letting our eyebrows grow into full, bushy, beautiful specimens, sometimes the hair doesn’t grow the way we’d like. For many of us, filling in thick eyebrows came into style after we spent years plucking away at our faces in order to achieve the ultra-thin ’90s eyebrows.

Have no fear, though — there is always a new eyebrow trend calling to us from the abyss. The latest, and perhaps one of the most artful eyebrow trends reverses the appearance of filled-in brows. The “negative space brows” look like they’d make an appearance in The Fifth Element. For sure these eyebrows will make you take a double take.

To clarify, that’s a huge compliment. The looks in The Fifth Element are killer all around.

This look can be (supposedly) easily achieved by shaving your brows and using makeup to accentuate the negative space around them.

You can also glue down your natural brow hairs and create your own brows in the same way drag queens do.

Apparently, the makeup artist Kapasovia’s inspiration came from another Instagram account, Salvia.

We can totally see it.

We are definitely loving the illusion of this new brow look. Although it’s probably an equal amount of work as filling in our regular brows. Still, it’s a beautiful option.

Whether you dig this look or not, it’s cool to remember that our eyebrows can be anything we want.

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