Needy pet duck is our new favorite Internet pet

Now THIS is the kind of duck dynasty we can get behind. Jonny Toschi of Madera, California, has a best friend in a little chatty duck named Nibbles (DYING. NIBBLES!!).

Jonny’s mom, Jamie Toschi, explained that Nibbles is only the latest in a long chain of duck buddies. Jonny first loved Daisy, Nibbles’s mom. Jonny loved that Mother Goose so much he was “devastated” when she passed away shortly after Nibbles was born, and since then, “he just held Nibbles and never let go.”

The two brothers-from-another-species do all the things that young’uns do, “playing in mud puddles” and “digging for worms together,” and they are usually inseparable. Ever since school started again, “Nibbles has been miserable,” she said. Can’t you just imagine Nibbles pacing the yard, waiting for his best bud to come home?

And look at Jonny giving Nibbles little ducky kisses when he gets in the car. Has there ever been anything sweeter?

This video is like the younger sibling of those videos of dogs greeting homecoming soldiers. It’s making me question if dog is really man’s best friend. Jamie says, “Nibbles gets so excited when he sees his best buddy Jonny get off the school bus! This was taken at the end of our dirt driveway. Nibbles is a full blooded Rouen. He wears a ducky diaper so he can enjoy car rides and time in the house.” Watch the full video below.


(Images via here, here, and here.)

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