Why you needed to pay attention to what Jon Snow was wearing in the last episode of “Game of Thrones”

The biggest sartorial chatter thus far regarding post-stabbing Jon Snow has been the introduction of his man bun. And yes, it’s a really good, really cute, really flattering little boop. Big fan over here. But on Sunday’s episode, GoT designers gave us an important clue that TBH I missed the first time around because I was becoming my mother and thinking, “See, Jon looks so nice with all that hair out of his face.” Thankfully, redditor u/NobleHalcyon was paying closer attention than me.

As u/NobleHalcyon points out, Jon Snow has, throughout pretty much the entire series, worn simple, leather shirts underneath his various ~coats~. There’s this one from early on in the series:


Aaaand here’s this one, from a very recent episode:


Much has changed in Jon Snow’s life, but a constant are his mock-turtleneck, cap-sleeve leather shells (a look literally only he could pull off) — that is, until now.


Now yes, as u/NobleHalcyon points out, Jon Snow is no longer a man of the Night’s Watch, and is thus no longer required to wear black. Also, um, yeah, he’s wearing 24/7 armor since some assholes decided to stab him a bunch of times. Both very valid explanations for the change in wardrobe. However, this particular armor is not just any armor; it’s Stark armor. Jon’s father, Ned Stark, was recently seen wearing it in a flashback:


And after Ned was killed and Robb became head of the Stark clan, Robb, too, donned the SAME EXACT ensemble:


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in watching GoT, it’s that nothing is coincidence. With both Ned and Robb gone and his watch having ended, Jon Snow is now (kind of) head of the Starks. AND, the conversation he just happens to be having when first shown in the Stark armor is one in which Sansa Stark is trying to convince that he can regain control of Winterfell, the Starks’ ancestral home.

Ohhhhh boy, you guys. This is gonna be good. Long! Live! The Starks!