You need to watch this woman transform into these kickass female Nickelodeon characters from your childhood

One of the greatest things that existed for kids of the ’90s was Nickelodeon and everything it brought to our lives. We basically became best friends with everyone from Chuckie from Rugrats, to Clarissa from Clarissa Explains it All, to literally everyone on All That and Salute Your Shorts. Sure the friendships were one-sided, but it was friendship nonetheless.

So anytime we have the opportunity to reunite with our ’90s nostalgia, we’re all about it. Which means we’re all about Buzzfeed’s video featuring one woman fantastically transforming into four different Nickelodeon characters who we still love with all of our ’90s hearts.

With the help of a super talented hair, makeup and wardrobe team, she morphed into Angelica Pickles, Eliza Thornberry, Judy Funnie and Ginger Foutley.

And now we’re feeling all the nostalgia.

Check it out:

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