You need to watch this woman put on an entire face of makeup with just liquid lipstick

Modern beauty trends continue to raise the bar in terms of creativity, and inspiration. With the help of the internet, you can access innovative ways to enhance your beauty with limited funds, and limited resources. Or, you could take the 100-coats route and create a layer of makeup so thick it could rival the impenetrability of Captain America’s shield. So when beauty blogger Shani Grimmond used only liquid lipsticks to apply full-face makeup, she shattered the high bar, built a gorgeous, brand new one, and placed it higher than the clouds.

Grimmond posted the tutorial to YouTube, and it has since been viewed almost 400,000 times.

The Before


Sure, she has a TON of liquid lipsticks to choose from, but the variety didn’t make this any easier on her. Especially since she had a limited selection of nudes, and zero browns to color-correct and conceal. But like the baller beauty pro that she is, she powered through and made it work.

She could’ve used the lipsticks to apply a basic look with just a foundation base, a little pink on the cheeks, and some color to the lips. Instead, she added highlighter to the cheeks and inner eyes, a dark tint to the brows, sparkle to the lids, a deep maroon as eye liner on the bottom, and black to the wing the top, the color she used for foundation on the lips, and falsies to tie the whole look together.


The After


To give you an idea of how perfectly polished Grimmond is with her regular makeup routine, here’s a taste:

She’s not the only beauty blogger to give this bold experiment a try. The “Liquid Lipstick Challenge” has been done by beauty blogger Amy Macedo:

As well as beauty blogger Mar:

And beauty blogger Nikkie, who shares her tips as NikkieTutorials.

The results of these challenges have all been beautiful, insanely creative, and so, so impressive. Can’t wait for the next beauty challenge to completely blow the Internet’s mind.