We need to talk about how seriously on point Ginny Weasley’s shoe game is IRL


Our favorite red-headed witch Ginny Weasley rarely made a wrong move throughout her time at Hogwarts. And her IRL counterpart Bonnie Wright makes absolutely zero wrong moves when it comes to fashion. In fact, her shoe game is so ON POINT, we’re kind of dying here.

Let’s take a moment to just appreciate this MAGIC, shall we?

When she wore a pair that Dolores Umbridge herself would’ve been jealous of.

When she walked among us like a Greek goddess.

When she took quirky-cute to brand new heights.

When she gave the red carpet a run for its money.

When she kept things ~casual~ but still high fashion.

When her perfectly layered soles looked like a perfectly layered cake.

When she made this super bold, but fun statement.

When her feet looked like she’d cast a beautiful magic spell.

And finally, when she expertly pulled off simple and ornate all in one go.


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