Why We Need to Stop Focusing on Aging and Start Living

How many times have you heard the phrase, “_______ ages you,” like it’s a bad thing? How many bottles of anti-wrinkle cream did you pass by when you were in Sephora? How many articles do we see that list all the celebrities who look really good for their age? We as a society are obsessed with anti-aging. So much so, that we’ve become anti-living.

Although we may not associate the word “aging” with “happy,” these three sisters, Rubye Cox, Ruth Branum, and Rose Shloss disagree. All three over one hundred years old are happy, and grateful for their long, fulfilling lives. One of them shares, “My motto in life has been, ‘I would rather wear out than rust out.’” Amen, sister.

We are so focused on staying young, looking young, and feeling young, that we end up missing out on life. I know I caught myself looking through my old high-school and college Facebook photos the other day. Elliott Smith was playing on Itunes to set the mood, and I was sorrowfully clicking on all my old dorm room Photobooth selfies. Ugh. First of all, I need to do some major spring cleaning on my Facebook account, secondly, why do we do stuff like this? If we spend too much time trying to relive the past, then we’re not able to enjoy the present. Yes, we’re getting older and nothing can stop that. But so what?

Too many of us are not living in the present. Okay, I know I’m sounding way fortune cookie-esque, but it’s true. Admit it. How many plans have you made that you cancelled? Instead of having a picnic or that dinner party you always wanted to throw, how many times have you just said, “f*ck it, let’s get take-out.” How many books are on your to-read list and how many of them have you actually finished? How many goals have you made in your life, and how many of those goals have you completed?

I know I have way too many things on my bucket list, and it’s time I did something about them. I was watching The Croods a couple nights ago, and the cavegirl says something so incredibly wise. She says, “That was not living, that was just not dying. There’s a difference!” And that’s so, so true. It’s time we stop worrying about getting old and start truly living.

Gigglers, what are some of your dreams, aspirations, and goals?

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