You need to see this glimpse of the Battle of the Bastards in next week’s “Game of Thrones”

This season of Game of Thrones has been doing an extremely satisfying job of both paying off long-standing rivalries while also building up to some incredibly intense showdowns. And there has been arguably nothing more exciting than the promised battle between the Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton for control of Winterfell.

Last night, we finally got a glimpse into what will be an absolutely epic showdown with the promo for next week’s (appropriately named) “Battle of the Bastards.” While Ramsay is technically no longer a bastard since his father granted him the official Bolton name and Lord title (you know, not long before Ramsay stabbed him in the gut in cold blood because he’s the worst), it’s become increasingly obvious Jon likely isn’t as well. But lineage aside, the fate of Winterfell, the Stark family, the Wildlings, and basically the entire North rides on the outcome of this battle.

And if the episode is anywhere as intense as the minute-long promo for it (and there’s no doubt it will be), it’s going to be a doozy. Between a brave but outnumbered Jon Snow staring down the battlefield at a huge army led by the evil smile of Ramsay Bolton, the quiet intensity of the build up and preparation of all the main characters involved, and the screaming roar of the actual onslaught, it’s completely hypnotizing.


It’s not the first time we’ve seen an intense clash between major houses (remember the Battle of Blackwater), there’s definitely a ton of emotional investment going into this fight. And while the promo does make it seem and feel nearly impossible for Team Stark, there are a lot of other factors that could come into play to help them out (like one of the houses of the North turning on the Boltons or, of course, Littlefinger showing up with forces from The Vale, which he now controls).

This promo promises that this episode is going to be a complete nail-biter and we absolutely cannot wait.

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