You need to see Gaston’s adorable marriage proposal to this pint-sized Belle at Disney World

You can stop trying to do whatever cute and adorable thing you’re doing right now, because we’ve found the end-all-be-all of cute and adorable. Nothing else will ever be able to compare, because nothing else will ever be this Gaston out on a stroll through the Magic Kingdom with this tiny little Belle.

Emma Napier uploaded not one, but two videos of her little daughter, Daisy, meeting Gaston in the park recently. And you know how these character meet and greets go: you rush up, they sign your autograph book, you pose for like three pictures, and then you’re on your way. You’ve probably waited close to a half hour in line for 45 seconds of face time with the character at the other end.

Well, not in this case. When Daisy — dressed as “peasant Belle”  — approaches Gaston he realizes that THIS is his FAVORITE Belle of ALL TIME. That’s when Gaston turns on the charm, and asks this little princess if she’s thought more about his marriage proposal (which is what Gaston’s hoping for in Beauty and the Beast, but you already knew this ). A shy Daisy tells Gaston “yes” and that’s when Gaston commands that their audience clap for them, because they’re now married. And clap they do.

Gaston and Belle Daisy then take a stroll around Fantasyland for their wedding pictures, and for their honeymoon head off to Gaston’s Tavern for cinnamon rolls. Um, best honeymoon ever. Later on, Gaston even comes back to see Daisy, and they take another stroll through the park, hand in hand.

We wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness together! Or, you know, happiness until Daisy has to go home at the end of her vacation.