Need a new way to relax? Welcome to the Instagram #inking tag

For most of us, the internet and other digital spaces can sometimes stress us out. But there are also pockets of relaxing goodness on the internet, as anyone who’s a fan of ASMR knows. And now, we have another favorite relaxation hashtag: #inking.

As first discovered by Jezebel,  the inking tag is full of videos of artists, well, inking — or rather, using ink pens to fill in illustrations. Some of the designs are from tattoo artists; others are from comic illustrations. All of them have this in common: A totally, inexplicably soothing vibe.

For those of us who don’t regularly draw, a definition. Inking is the process of going over penciled line sketches with ink pens. These pens can be suuuper tiny, for those really fine details, or could have calligraphy tips, meaning that pressure will change the width of the lines. The artist needs to have careful control over every part of their hand, and while inking’s a feat of concentration on the artist’s part, those of us who enjoy watching inking videos can take in the care and, yes, the cool art that’s being inked.

What is it about these videos that’s so damn relaxing? It probably has to do with their meditative, repetitive motions; the joy of watching something get finished; that sound of the pen scratching the paper. Whatever the case, we’re totally gonna fall into #inking video binges — hey, when we find a truly good part of the internet, we have to stay for a while.