Here’s just one more reason why we desperately need more women doctors

Paging Meredith Grey: A new study claims women doctors are much better at keeping people alive than their male counterparts.

The study from Harvard University asserts that patients in a female doctor’s care are notably more likely to live than patients who see a male doctor. According to the Atlantic, the study reports 32,000 fewer Medicare patients would die annually if they had women doctors, “or if male physicians were as adept as females.”

Woah. Those are some fighting words.

The study theorizes that female doctors communicate better with their patients, use evidence-based medicine, and place a much stronger emphasis on preventative care than their male counterparts.

Unfortunately for these badass lady doctors, female physicians still make 8% less than male physicians, despite generally higher performance.

According to doctors Rita Redberg and Anna Parks, the study proves female doctors should receive equal pay to their male counterparts.

It’s a win-win: More women would pursue medical careers, and fewer patients would die.

So, the next time you’re looking for a new doc, ask yourself the age-old question: Where my ladies at?

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