We are full-on obsessed with mermaid blankets

We’ve all dreamed of being a mermaid when we were a kid — you can thank Ariel for that. Because seriously, who wouldn’t want to be able to wear a purple bra around town all day and swim like a freakin’ water goddess?


We’ve noticed an adorable new homemade trend — MERMAID BLANKETS. We first spotted them on Melanie Campbell’s Etsy shop CassJamesDesigns, which offers hand crocheted mermaid tail-shaped blankets that’ll help keep you warm and cozy. (Hey, even mermaids need to sit and relax every once in a while.)


Campbell’s creations take about eight weeks to make, and retail between $100 and $200 dollars.

But if you need a mermaid tail STAT, there are some other stores on Etsy that offer similar designs.


CrochetCenter sells a cozy tail, perfect for napping, both children and adults, and prices go from $65 to $110. These tails are made-to-order, and ship from Hugo, Minnesota.


Also check out Sticksandstitches2, a shop making mermaid blankets fitted to cocoon around your feet and calves. Prices go from $50 for a child-sized, to $95 for an extra-wide adult size.


Finally, if you’re looking for an insane choice of colors, you should head over to the BobbleAndTog shop, which offers toddler-sized blankets for $98, up to adult extra-long sizes for $154 (since tall girls need tails, too.) Choose between gorgeous hues like “Nobility,” “Ocean Tide,” “Kiss Me,” and “Solarium.” The wait time for these to be available is June, which is only days away. Just like the others, they’re made to order. But, hey, you want a quality mermaid tail, right?

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