Here’s what you need to know about The Kingdom, the community introduced in “The Walking Dead’s” season finale

Just a warning here: If you haven’t seen the season finale of The Walking Dead yet, and/or don’t want to know anything related to the comics, now’s your chance to turn around!

This past Sunday, the Season 6 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead got a rise out of a lot of viewers – many of them understandably angry about how few answers we got. It’s safe to say it’s going to be a long ~six months for many of us who want to know what’s next for the gang.

But the finale did give us at least one awesome gift in the subtle introduction of two new characters. You remember these guys, right? They showed up in blue armor alongside another horse, one of them looking like the leading member of a renaissance-era boy band, and the other looking a little bit like Chris Parnell and holding an actual lance.


Then the way-too-polished-to-be-in-the-middle-of-an-apocalypse one offered a hand to Morgan, and assistance to both him and Carol.


Apparently, these guys are from a community known to the comic-book aficionados as The Kingdom – led by one King Ezekiel. Who has a pet tiger named Shiva. So many biblical references!

According to Uproxx, this community is pretty much exactly how it sounds in that they generally party like it’s ye olden days, but with a few modern adjustments. Aside from dressing in body armor (but also, jeans), they also travel primarily on horseback and speak in Ye Olde English.

And Ezekiel is supposedly a cool guy, if you couldn’t already tell from the fact that he has a pet tiger. He rules a castle that is actually an elementary school, and as Uproxx points out, he’s apparently a kind and fair ruler. That’s a relief, since Negan is…not, from the little we’ve seen so far. Oh, and there’s the bonus of The Kingdom being pissed off at The Saviors too, which will hopefully help the Alexandrians.

I’m personally imagining a Game of Thrones meets Night of the Living Dead-style mashup fight scene at the end of Season 7, which I’m not mad about.

Uproxx also notes that if the show follows the comics with this storyline, The Kingdom will have a big part in the upcoming season. Guess we’ll have to wait until October to see what The Kingdom, and Ezekiel, bring to the show. If zombies are a thing, dragons can be too…right?