This woman made a tragic ‘Game of Thrones’ character into a cake, because why not?

We all have to process our Game of Thrones feels in different ways, and boy does the show give plenty of opportunities to hone your technique. But when it comes to mourning our faves, baking isn’t necessarily something that’s crossed our minds, unless it’s baking a bunch of cookies to snack our way back to happiness.

But Dawn Butler decided to use her mad baking skills in a different way: to pay homage to one of the long-lost Starks. For the recent International Craft and Hobby Fair, Dawn spent three weeks crafting the perfect Ned Stark cake, but she had some words of warning.

“Be warned – it’s a head on a stick,” she told the BBC.

She warned you! The cake is made of six different layers, which were coated in ganache and chocolate. The very real looking hair is made of vermicelli noodles that were steamed and airbrushed.

Sure, it’s impressive, but how does it taste? Well, we may never know. Dawn doesn’t plan on eating it, although probably not for the reason you’re thinking, like how it is a strikingly on-point recreation of Sean Bean’s head.

“I don’t think I could bring myself to eat it,” she told the BBC, “not because of the hard work that I’ve put into it. I do like people to eat my cakes – it’s just the vermicelli has now gone hard again and I imagine that it’s quite crunchy.”

Even though Ned Stark may be long gone (or is he?), his spirit will live on forever. In this cake.

(Images via Twitter, HBO)