A special unicorn like yourself needs a necklace to match

When I was in the third grade, I was crazy about unicorns. That’s right, waaaay before everyone else was. ::tosses hair:: I’d watch The Last Unicorn as often as I could, my favorite Lisa Frank character was Markie and I collected any and all unicorn-themed items. Because I am a hoarder and a sucker for nostalgia, I still have my lavender unicorn bedsheets and a gold necklace that features a unicorn with wings. Those creatures are called “unipegs,” BTW. I can feel your judging eyes.

Now that I’m a fancy adult who still loves unicorns, I think it’s time for me to upgrade and get this necklace from London-based jewelry line, Me & Zena. It has two gold unicorns facing opposite each other, in a majestic stance, standing atop a dazzling opal. I bet anyone who wears this will be gifted with magical powers.

Unicorn opal stone necklace, $34.53