A Nebraskan senator was sent condoms in an effort to protect endangered species

Brace yourself for the weirdest piece of news you’ll probably see all day: A Nebraska senator received endangered species condoms at work. You read that correctly, and we’re scratching our heads too. Senator Ben Sasse tweeted a picture of the pro-animal prophylactics that were sent to his office.

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, the organization behind Endangered Species Condoms, the rising human population has a direct effect on global warming — the increasing amount of endangered species becoming extinct, included. The group has been promoting their message by distributing the endangered species condoms at events at zoos and elsewhere. And their message is this: With humans using more condoms, human procreation would decrease, ultimately saving the planet and endangered species from a global climate disaster.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, the marketing campaign for this preventive measure makes it so much cooler. Clever messaging, such as “Wrap with care. Save the polar bear,” and “Can’t refrain? Remember the whooping crane,” riddled the boxes, making for super cute keepsakes. Let’s just hope people actually use the condoms instead of storing them away for mementos.

Once Senator Sasse shared the endangered species condoms on his Twitter, everyone’s two cents started to pour in.

And most of the responses were super hilarious and enlightening at the same time.

And we all have the Center for Biological Diversity to thank. They expressed their reasoning for the head-turning project on their official site, saying:

"Human population growth — along with our reckless overconsumption — is driving the sixth mass extinction crisis. But we can still save wildlife, by choosing to stop hogging the planet."

By distributing condoms, they’re hoping to get others to see the connection between the “human population growth and the wildlife extinction crisis.”

Promoting safe sex practices and saving the sea otters at the same time? Is there a better reason to wear a condom? In all seriousness, we totally think this marketing strategy was a win for the company. And hopefully Senator Sasse’s tweet will serve to spread the word.