Neal McCoy’s “Take a Knee, My Ass” about NFL protests is getting rightfully dragged on Twitter

Not everyone supports the NFL players who have knelt as a statement against police brutality over the last year. Country singer Neal McCoy, for example, was so angry at the professionals and students kneeling in protest that he wrote a song about it. “Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take a Knee)” may be an attempt to feign patriotism, but the internet is having a field day with the title of the song. Despite that this song seems like an obvious cashing in on a controversy, McCoy says otherwise.

He says that he’s been on 15 USO tours. But entertaining for troops and serving the military are obviously two very different things. This mentality and reasoning also ignores the fact that Colin Kaepernick spoke about how to protest respectfully with soldiers and veterans. In fact, that’s the very reason he chose to start kneeling instead of sitting — as a sign of respect. He’s also been clear that these protests aren’t a statement about the anthem specifically, but about the epidemic of police brutality that plagues the United States. And, more so, about a nation that’s not willing to confront that problem.

McCoy doesn’t think that kneeling during the anthem is the right way to protest, but that’s really not up to him. And we’re definitely here for the internet dragging him for writing this absurd song with a very ridiculous title. BTW, if you need a parenthesis in your song title to explain your song, it may not be a good song.

Twitter could not help but comment on “Take A Knee, My Ass.”


Someone even found McCoy the perfect image for his album cover.

And someone else just had some helpful grammar advice for the singer. false

Grammar jokes are probably the best kind of jokes on Twitter. At the very least, we hope that this song sheds light on how ridiculous it is to protest the NFL player’s protest. Especially considering the important issues it aims to shed a light on.

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