You can officially try NBC’s version of Netflix for free

Last October, NBC announced that it would be launching a streaming service called Seeso, catering to a comedy-loving crowd via a curated mix of original content and a few of our favorite previously broadcast TV shows. According to a press release, the streaming service would feature everything from brand new series and stand-up, to legendary sketches from the early days of Monty Python and SNL; with some 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and more added in, just to sweeten the deal. The announcement had us salivating at our desks — and now, the network wants us to try it out for free.

“Big streaming services have created a paradox of choice – they’re great if you know exactly what to watch, but if you aren’t in the middle of a binge, the search can be near endless,” Evan Shapiro, Executive Vice President of NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises, said in a statement. “By focusing on a specific, yet large niche, and providing a curated experience, we can help viewsers find good stuff they might not or cannot find. Seeso is your neighborhood comedy eatery, with daily specials from a chef you trust.”

While Seeso officially launches in January, NBC is offering a free, web-only trial period for the rest of the month for anyone who wants to give the streaming service a try. And from what we can see, it’s well worth a sign-up. The service is basically a laundry list of comedy greatness — and I have no shame admitting my excitement to see A Bit of Fry and Laurie on the site, along with both the U.K. and U.S. versions of The Office.

As someone who spends a lot of time combing through Netflix for quality stand-up (one can only re-watch certain specials so many times), I can also attest that Seeso offers its fair share. Perhaps most exciting, however, is Seeso’s original series The UCB Show: Co-created by non other than HG favorite Amy Poehler, along with her fellow Upright Citizens Brigade co-founders, Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, and Ian Roberts.

“It’s like the soft-opening of a restaurant,” Shapiro said in a separate statement, according to Mashable. “Everything is free, while you try out Seeso, sample our great classic comedy and get a taste of our exclusive original series. We think our stuff can help you laugh better, and we want you to Seeso for yourself. But, just like the soft-opening of any new neighborhood club, space is limited and we might ask for your patience while we work out our service.”

If you miss out on the beta period, the streaming service is $3.99 a month. Free accounts are awarded on a first-come, first-service basis — so get yourself over to Seeso ASAP.

(Image via NBC.)

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